About us

I’m Cynthia McQuade-Brinkman. I Help You Build Resiliency and Discover your Identity.

Finding your Identity is the core of what we do at ReNEW C&D. Our focus is on teens or adults who struggled with the ability to transition with high performance from childhood to adulthood due to adverse childhood experiences. What we cover ourselves with does not define us. At ReNEW C&D we endeavor to help individuals transform from the inside out.

By resetting, redesigning, and recalculating your body mind & spirit, you become aware of your original creation and design. The core of what we do is assist you into realignment with your Creator. We Coach and Develop you as a person, entrepreneur and community member to become the highest and best version of yourself.

Art Therapy coaching is one of the several certification’s Cynthia has acquired through her years of assisting people in becoming the highest and best version of themselves. Book a Discover Your Purpose Call Today!